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Cost Reduction Workshop

Cost Reduction Workshop

Bethlehem - On 13 March 2018, the Palestinian Shippers' Council in coordination with Core Associates and Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce, organized a workshop for manufacturing companies in Palestine, which open new markets through export. The workshop reviewed the main results of the project "Reducing costs" implemented by Core Associates.

Dr. Samir Hazboun welcomed the companies participating in the name of Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He pointed to the importance of foreign trade and the need to work on the challenges to raise the market share of the Palestinian product and source, which in turn helps to create jobs and helps companies to continue their services.

Dr. Saeb Bamia, Director of Core Associates, welcomed the participants and reviewed the most important items of the project "Reducing trade costs for the Palestinians", which aims mainly to raise the efficiency of the Palestinian exporters and reduce the costs of trade, whether in terms of importing raw materials for the production or import of goods required in the Palestinian markets or exporting to foreign markets . The cost reduction begins with the dissemination of the right information and raising awareness among the Palestinian producer to be familiar with all import and export procedures, which are constantly changing according to the changes in the international procedures.

Yazid Zakarneh reviewed the electronic window (The Portal) which was developed through the program, referring to the different parts and how to benefit from them. The electronic window will be the first address of companies and factories members of the Shippers Council to obtain all the necessary information for import or export. So that the information is constantly updated on the window and provides the possibility for companies to identify the procedures and laws related to import and export. He pointed out that the window is continuously developed to suit the needs of different companies. About 40 companies attended the workshop from different regions.